Our Journey

Where we started

The Juliettes started as a small TAFE music student project but Jules had a dream, a will and a short line up of songs that we got to working on in hopes of playing the Tablelands Folk Festival in October of 2021. But by the time April of 2021 came around we had the opportunity to play in support of the Relay for Life. We were a 6 piece band but due to one of our members (who will remain nameless, instrument-less and will not be called out at all) not turning up, Jules was quick to make the decision of drumming for the performance resulting in our drumming lead vocalist.

The Tablelands Folk Festival 

In October we had the amazing chance to open the 40th Anniversary folk festival in the beautiful, quaint town of Yungaburra. Jules had attended this festival for the first time at 4 months and watched her parents perform there many times after. This same year, Bella Won the Original Songwriters Competition. 

Ending 2021

The original members of The Juliettes were Jules, Zac, Liz, Matt and Jordan. Sadly we have had to let both Liz and Zac move on to greater things. We wish them both great luck on their endeavours. We then introduced our new band members J-D and Bella.

Starting 2022

As 2022 arrived, we started to find our groove and the idea of an EP began to emerge. As we perfected our songs and continued recording, Jules was busy writting new songs. We began to do a few gigs around Cairns and with TAFE as we found our band identity. In April Jules, Matt and Jordy worked a festival, The Gas, and made an unexpected The Juliettes trio apperance!

Passport to Airlie 

In August, the oppotunity for Passport to Airlie popped up! We were late to sign up; but we got in and won the peoples choice vote in round 1, sending us through to the semi-finals! This gave us another chance to perform and grow as an ensemble while continuing to adapt our songs.

Cairns FM

After our Passport to Airlie appearances, two of the judges offered Jules and Jordy our first opportunity to take part in their radio show "FNQ Originals with Baz and Deveski" to talk about what it's like starting out as young musicians, studying and writing music. Jules was also asked and able to give some insight into her song lyrics about her diagnosed Endometriosis and chronic pain.

The Tablelands Folk Fest. 2022

Our second time playing at the beautiful Tablelands Folk Festival in Yungaburra blessed us with more experience, connections and our first professional raving review from Tony Robertson.

"In the case of the Juliettes, I believe there was overwhelming evidence in their performance on Saturday night (The Tablelands Folk Festival 2022) to suggest that when Jules introduces a song to the band, it is met with selfless intent. It is not just my opinion, other people were commenting on it. Then, the M.C. said something quite remarkable, she referred to what I have been calling selfless intent perhaps more aptly and accurately as “Kindness”. She said something like, “there is a lot of kindness up here on this stage, you can tell by the way the band members look at each other while they play”. Seriously, how many times have you heard an MC, while wrapping up a set, talk about how kind the band members are to each other?"

Big Night Out

December gave us our first Panda Room experience at Big Trev's Takeaway along side Abi Muir Band, The Brazilians, Transparent Komeleon and Sit Ubu Sit. You just had to be there!