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The Juliettes

We are a young band finding our way in a new wave/indie world, with our hearts on our ripped sleeves and fishnets. While most songs started off with just a guitar, they've transformed into emotional, fun and upbeat songs. Join us on our journey into the abyss that is music in 2023.

Meet The Band


Araura Jules Wood 


Our Beautiful band songwriter and leader is a drumming lead vocalist with passion and a dream. While continuing to study the advanced diploma with the rest of her band at TAFE, she has achived certificates in Canine psychology and animal healthcare. Jules was raised by her extremely creative, single mum Dr Jane Modric which had her exploring all art forms from a young age and at 16 starred in a short film written by Jane, winning awards locally and overseas. She is the Juliette.




Jordy is our bass player and is an original member of the band. They also have released their own music on band camp as Mourningstar.



Matt is our lead guitarist and also one of our original members. He also works doing stage managemant and sound at festivals like Savanah in the Round, Black Mountain Unplugged and The GAS.



Bella joined us as our rythym guitarist in 2022 after winning the Original Songwriters Competition at the 2021 Tabelands Folk Festival with her song Dog Act.



J-D joined us as our keyboard player in 2022. He started 5 years ago and is now a contemporary pianist who writes his own beautiful pieces.